“Anderson-Hostely McAnderson-Hostel face” name somehow fails to appease Shetland public

THAT PLACE WHERE YOU USED TO BE ABLE TO CAMP UNTIL THESE BASTARD COUNCILLORS THOUGHT ABOUT THE CHILDREN – A public consultation run in by the Shetland Islands Council has come under fire after the popular choice was not backed at a meeting on Monday.

The Council opted to consult the Shetland public over the name of the new Halls of Residence that will accompany the new Anderson High School ahint the Clickimin.

The islanders could have decided to nominate the new Halls of Residence to be named after George McGee, who has many years of association with the old AHS, but being as pragmatic as ever, the name most sought after by Shetlanders was “the Anderson High School Halls of Residence”.

In the meeting, Councillor Ian M. Pointless of the Central Lerwick ward raised his concerns in the meeting, saying:

“To call this fantastic new building the ‘New Anderson High School Halls of Residence’ would be to do it a terrible disservice. It’s a name so dull I almost fell asleep reading it.”

The Orcadian-born Councillor Twatt then piped up, saying: “Look, Shetland’s bairns are ‘hip’ and ‘jive’ and ‘with it’, why don’t we go for a more modern, respectful name, like Anderson-Hostely McAnderson-Hostelface?’

His suggestion was received by much table banging and braying from other councillors.

When his suggestion was put to vote, it passed 22 to minus one. Minus one because the motion was so god damn well supported.

Local Shetlanders are outraged that the council ignored their totally interesting and popular choice. The comments thread on the Facebook pages of Shetland Times and Shet News are said to extend to 15 comments now, which is more than the entire popular of Papa Stout if you think about it.

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