Councillors excited to use free jobseekers bus after May’s local election

TOON HAAAAAAAL – Shetland’s 22 councillors were today accused of acting in their future interest after they announced that those receiving Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) would be granted free travel on Shetland’s busses.

The pilot scheme in Shetland mirrors many other successful schemes on the Scottish Mainland and is designed to give some relief to those on JSA who want to travel for job interviews and have to use public transport to do so.

But the Shetland Taxpayers Alliance hit out at the move, saying:

“Everyone knows that the councillors aren’t doing this to help the poor folks in Shetland, they’re doing it so that they can get free bus rides after they’re all ousted at the next election.”

But the SIC’s comms department has strongly rebuked this claim, telling Da Bonxie:

“That’s total nonsense. Most of the councillors qualify for free bus passes anyway.”

2 Comments on "Councillors excited to use free jobseekers bus after May’s local election"

  1. Wir Shetland storms to surprise landslide victory at cooncil elections, speaking to the village idiot the bonxie discovers he was the one that actually voted for them despite unable(Like the rest of the electorate) to find any candidates name on the ballot paper.

  2. M.I.4 vehemently deny any involvement in the Shetland cooncil result.Of course we know about Wir Shetland our many agents/informants inside the organisation are all to be reprimanded for failing to notify us that nobody was actually standing for election.It quite clearly is the Russians as always to blame for this.

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