Toft fishermen bewildered after SIC actually do what they said they would

HIGHWAY TO YELL – Fishermen in Toft were astounded today after they discovered that access to the poorly kept Toft pier was blocked.

The Toft pier is in a desperate state of repair and has become a health and safety hazard.

Almost two weeks ago, users of the pier were alerted of today’s impending closure, and the SIC reiterated this message just yesterday when a disgruntled fisherfellow told local news that he would ignore the Council’s claim that they would block access to the pier.

Upon arriving at the pier this morning, local fishermen were absolutely mortified to find out that the Council had for one of the first times in it’s recent history, made well on it’s promise to block access. Local fisherman Chris O’Donald told Da Bonxie:

“We had been warned for aboot twa weeks afore dis but of coorse nane of with belief’d it’wid actually come tae pass. Noo we dunno kaen whit tae do wi wirsel. This action fae the cooncil changes ifrything I ever tocht aboot dem.”

Executive Director of Infrastructure Services Maggie Sandison told Da Bonxie:

‘I mean, we literally told these guys that we were going to block access to it and now they’re complaining? I don’t know how we could have made it more clear. We’re thinking of printing all future communications on the side of a bus. Seems to work.’

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  1. Local cooncillor Wull Tell has formed a new island party called Yir Yell.We are aw far seek that nothing gets din fae lerrik we are campaigning fur hame ril. Aw that money gans doon there running a boot in fancy new cars,greedy cooncillors,wild orgies and what’s spent up here nothing absolutely nothing. It’s the last camel that breaks the straws back!Oor forming a referendum commity the morn so there, we’ll get maist o the fishing and oil watters a will show on this map here see and they get nowt. So its vote Wull Tell o Yir Yell fir hame ril,an send lerrik tae hell.Catchy slogan or what.

  2. Soothie McSoothface | 10th February 2017 at 11:20 am | Reply

    I didn’t understand any of that garbled rubbish, apart from the word ‘Yell’anyway, but I support anything that moves our Yell further away from those civilised bastards in Lerwick with their indoor cludgies and ideas about rickets not being a healthy part of growing up. Yell for Yell folk!

  3. Aye weel soothie moothie cack whar da seagulls cack then.As lang as your happy, that’s the main thing.

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