Lerwick-loving, centralising bastards at the Council suspiciously give Fair Isle £250,000

STONYBRECK – Those anti-rural, pro-Lerwick, mega-high schooling, ‘close Whalsay Junior High’, ‘Forget Fetlar’, ‘Unlove Unst’ bastard Councillors have suspiciously granted a quarter of a million pounds to Fair Isle.

The move, branded “suspicious” by this website and hundreds of thousands of Shetlanders comes as the Shetland Islands Council finds itself embroiled in peak anti-centralisation moaning amongst Shetlanders.

Since the £250k cash splurge on Fair Isle – £4.5k for each resident of the lonely island, colloquially referred to as “the first line of defence against the invading Orcadians”, a number of conspiracy theories have sprung up.

Prospective Northern Isles candidate Robbie Johnson told Da Bonxie: “I believe that this is an attempt by the Lerwick Toon Council to drag Fair Isle up to the Soond Voe to mak it part of Lerwick. If wir no careful, aa wir cherished rural areas could one day become part of Lerrik”.

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  1. Sir I have to object profoundly of the use of the ‘B’ word when referring to local councillors howaboot using the term illegitimate or fatherless.When referring to them in future maybe a more appropriate wording would be thon bone idle,money grabbing,self centred,lerrik lobotomised loon tunes.Everyone would immediately comprehend without having to use the word councillor as well.

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