Council sees mysterious spike in productivity after Facebook goes down

DA TOON HAAL – Shetland Islands Council chiefs were left scratching their heads on Friday after their workforce worked extra hard throughout the first part of the day.

It is estimated that the productivity surge has meant that all SIC staff have managed to do a week’s work between them for the first time in recorded history.

Council chiefs have commissioned a posh London-based consultancy firm to analyse what could have led to the sharp rise in SIC employees actually getting their jobs done. Shotgun, Bastard and Dribble will present their full report to the Council in four years after carrying out expensive extensive research.

In other news, popular social networking website Facebook experienced an outage that left its millions of users cut off on Friday morning.

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  1. Gordon Laurenson | 5th February 2016 at 6:05 pm | Reply

    Wis dere nae Shetland Times eider to tak up da slack, I don’t think dere ever has been a full productivity on a Friday morning.

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