Head of Planning wakes up with pony’s head in bed after Italian restaurant snub

BETWEEN VOE AND BRAE – In what is being described as “exactly like that scene from the Godfather if the Godfather was made in Shetland”, the Head of Planning for the Shetland Islands Council woke up with a severed Shetland pony’s head in his bed.

The incident comes after the SIC’s planning department refused to give permission for the construction of an Italian eatery between Voe and Brae.

The local man responsible for bidding, Henry ‘Clamps’ Berlusconi told Da Bonxie he had nothing to do with it:

“I don’t-a know-a whattada bigga fuss is abouta, in Italia this happens alla d’time’a”

Well, we’re convinced. By the way, he serves pizza with a delicious mystery meat on it. Hugely recommended.

There’s nothing more to say, it’s obvious that Clamps is innocent. Seriously. Stop looking in to this issue. Now.

2 Comments on "Head of Planning wakes up with pony’s head in bed after Italian restaurant snub"

  1. It is a long way to go. So it had better be a fantastic oizza and pasta. Just like Mama used to make.

  2. It’s a pity that the planning department, including the head of the department, keep waking up. They’ve always been more successful when they’ve stayed asleep. Less chance of them getting it completely and utterly wrong when they’re all fast asleep in bed.

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