Even underage cat gets served in The Wine Shop

COMMERCIAL STREET – The Wine Shop has been caught out in a police sting after serving an underage cat without checking its microchip identification.

Nooski the cat was recruited by the Lerwick Police to check if local establishments were adhering to strict Scottish licensing laws. Despite being 4 in cat years – 2 years below the legal cat alcohol limit – Nooski was able to purchase 3 bottles of the finest Moëwt.

A local person on the street said “The Wine Shop served an underager? You gotta be kitten me! Fur real though, this is claw-ful news.”

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  1. Haahaaa yuns totally cracked me up hahaha! I winder if yuns d sam cat I saw wearin a Rasta Hat leavin d station we yun damned reekin skunk ?? !!!

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