Police boast of cannabis bust while Isles’ murder spree continues

SHETLAND – Police in Shetland are celebrating their latest spate of drug arrests despite the numbers of murdered Islanders entered double figures since 2013.

The latest series of drug busts saw the police claim 2 entire grams of cannabis from 3 dealers in the Harbour Street area of Lerwick. All three have been sent to Grampian Prison to serve life sentences for their heinous crime.

Meanwhile, the murder rate in the Isles continues to skyrocket despite the police having assigned one part-time Detective to attempt to solve the case.

A spokesperson for the Shetland murderer said: “The Police keep patting themselves on the back for making the most insignificant drug busts, meaning that murder is being largely ignored by the fuzz. This is great news and business is truly booming for the Shetland slaughtering industry.”

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