Shetlanders side with murderer, concluding that Detective Perez “not from around here”

BBC SCOTLAND – Shetlanders have officially decided on who they want to ‘win’ the latest series of murder-mystery documentary Shetland.

No sooner had episode 3 gone off the air, Facebook campaigns sprung up including ‘Deport Soothmoother Jimmy Perez’ and ‘We back Shetland’s murderer’.

The show looks followed Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez as he tries to reduce at the extremely high murder rate which has plagued the isles for three whole seasons now.

A local campaigner said: “Whin I fan oot that Cheemie Perez wisna fae aroond here I nearly spewed up my tattie soup and reestit mutton bannock. Surely dis soothmoother is takkin awa a police job that a local man cud fil?”

Meanwhile, the UK and Scottish Government continue to show no interest in solving the ever growing problem in Shetland.

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  1. When da bonxie caught up with the Murderer he retorted I am getting a wee bit scunnered o aroon here.It’s maybe time a moved on anyway av kinda dun ma apprenticeship. Am looking tae better maself, maybe the prime ministers job where you actually control the legal system and ya dinna need to worry aboot onybody getting shirty.Wi Brexit it will be perpetual illegal wars and aw they free tellies an toasters – man when’s the next ferry oot o’ here.

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