Leap year adds to fury over scheduling of ‘Shetland’

An islander’s anger at having to wait an extra week for this season’s final episode of crime drama Shetland has been exacerbated by it being a leap year.

The well-received show, starring Douglas Henshall, has missed its Friday night slot twice during this series to enable football and rugby matches to be screened instead.

Disgruntled Randy Macallan, of Anderson Road, Lerwick said he was furious about the whole thing, insisting it was nothing to do with the fact he had reached the age of 80, achieved little in life and read the Daily Mail too much.

“Shiftin’ it fir da fitba wis bad enoff, but bloody rugby?!” he fumed. “Dem egg-chasers hae a lock tae answer fir. Dis centralised schedulin’ pish is why we wid be better aff clear o da lot o dem.

“When I heard da last episode widna be on til Friday 4th March I wis mare as vexed. An’ whin I realised it wis a bloody leap year, dat wis o’er muckle an’ I hed tae crack open me emergency reyd tin.”

Macallan may have cause for optimism, though. A Wir Shetland spokesman responded by pledging that, in an independent Shetland, ‘Shetland’ would always be broadcast immediately and to hell with anything going on south of Sumburgh Head.

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  1. Glybies Rasmie | 10th March 2016 at 5:06 pm | Reply

    Hahahaaaaa awesome!!

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