World keeps on turning despite women being in a Jarl Squad

SOOTH MAINLAND – Shetland did not plunge into post-apocalyptic anarchy today, despite WOMEN participating in a Jarl Squad.

This completely shocking photograph obtained by Da Bonxie shows how despite the presence of FEMALES in a Jarl Squad, Shetland society has not fallen into a Mad Max style pre-societal state, where lawless bandits rule the land, trading scraps of ganzie for a few crubs of bannock.

It has long been thought that had LADIES get involved in the Lerwick Up-Helly Aa, society would itself crumble. Auld Shetland men would cry a solitary tear as the great sexist tradition of ensuring that women don’t get to have the real fun of Up Helly-Aa would be shattered, while tourists would give up ever revisiting the event, such is the damage that destroying tradition would entail.

But that line of logic may now have to be rethought after GIRLS were part of the South Mainland Up Helly-Aa Jarl Squad and nothing changed.

One Lerwick UHA committee member, speaking anonymously, admitted he had been slightly turned on by the sight of a female viking, but it would have to remain his dirty little secret.

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