Local man who happily says ‘Falklands’ doesn’t like the term ‘The Shetlands’

STANLEY’S HOUSE – Local man Stanley Roberts has today declared his dislike of the term ‘The Shetlands’, insisting that his home island be called Shetland or the Shetland Islands.

His outburst comes after he read a comment from an Argentinian on the Daily Mail online which said “I have always wanted to visit the Shetlands, it looks like a beautiful place.”

Stanley was quick to reply “Jesus Christ it’s called SHETLAND or THE SHETLAND ISLANDS not THE SHETLANDS. Saying Shetlands literally makes me spew. If you come to Shetland and call it ‘Shetlands’, you’ll chased out faster than we chased you out of The Falklands.”

Apparently unaware of his irony, we asked Stanley why The Shetlands was an incorrect term for, but he just told us to “bugger off back to The Skerries”.

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