Grumpy auld shite manages to find problem with Fjarå Cafe Bar

THE ROAD ATWEEN TESCO AND FJARÅ – A local grumpy auld shitebag has taken to Shetlink after he managed to find some trivial problem with the relatively new local café Fjarå.

Michael Smith, 57 year old Dunrossness resident, is known on Shetlink for his frequent moans under the username “PitABombUnderDaMareel” broke new ground by complaining about Fjarå on the once-popular Shetland-based message board.

His topic, “FJARÅ IS SHITE”, has received at the time of this posting a whopping 4 views and 1 reply. In his post he details problems such as “It’s so popular you canna get parked” and “I canna pronounce the name”.

Meanwhile, at last night’s “bringing Shetland out of the 1980s” awards ceremony at the Town Hall, Fjarå’s owners co-shared the award with Mareel.

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