Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary asked release more seals to keep orcas around

HILLSWICK WILDLIFE SANCTUARY – There were calls today from Shetland’s photography and tourist community for more seals to be released into Shetland’s waters.

The call comes after numerous pods of orcas were spotted around Shetland’s coastline this week.

The Wildlife Sanctuary, which normally takes in injured seals and helps them recover before release them back into the wild, have received representations from a number of photographers and tourism companies and tourism companies to release all recovering seals instantly.

One photographer said: “What’s great is that the Hillswick seals are already injured and probably bleeding all the time and that will be like a magnet for orcas.

“I normally have to take the same god damn picture of the Northern Lights every month just to keep up my Facebook likes, but these orcas have given me an entirely new revenue stream.

“If they don’t release the seals tonight, we’ll photoshop a picture of Pete Bevington smiling outside a coal factory.”

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  1. Great idea! We have people asking us where the orca will be three or four days from now, because they want to book a ‘whale-watching’ tour. Do you think we could arrange feedings on a regular tourist schedule?

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