Ness man still telling the “Dodie fae Aid/Princess Diana” joke like it’s 1997

LEVENWICK – A Shetland man is still telling an old joke and expecting the same level of laughs as when the joke was topical, it has emerged today.

Ronnie Cumming, a 57-year old plumber based in the Sooth End and known for his truck’s slogan “Bad Plumbing? I’m Cumming!”, has on multiple occasions in 2016 busted out the famous Shetland-specific joke about a dead woman and her lover.

The hilarious joke, for the benefit of our young readers, is “Did you hear there was a Shetland man involved in that Paris car crash? Yeah it was Princess Diana and Dodie Fae Aid”. Priceless, right? Well it was in 1997 and 1998. It was a ‘high stock’ joke which always invited a laugh to the lucky individual that had it dripped aural into their ear canal.

But that was almost 20 years ago. And Bertie Cumming, while renovating a bathroom in Netherdale in Lerwick, was feeling confident of the small talk with the homeowner. He confidently rasped the joke out but there was no response from the homeowner. To make matters worse, he repeated the joke expecting a laugh. The home owner is said to have humoured him with gentle mirth before quickly making her excuses and leaving to go to Tesco.

In passing, the homeowner told us: “He’s fae da Ness, upon reflection it shoodna’a bin such a surprise.”

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