Shetlanders launch Facebook campaign against Da Wheel’s “excessive” Tennent’s cost increase

LERWICK – Shetlanders are uniting in disgust on Facebook at an “unfair” increase in cost of a pint of lager in Lerwick.

Locals were left shocked recently after discovering that the price of a pint of Tennent’s Lager at town pub Da Wheel had risen by 5p.

Upon hearing the cost increase of this lifeline service, Shetlanders rallied together to create the Facebook campaign group ‘Islanders against Da Wheel’s excessive Tennent’s price’.

At the time of writing, the campaign’s Facebook page has over 1,500 supporters.

One punter recalled his experience of shelling out the extra cash on the page by saying:

“I was in Da Wheel on Friday night, but the staff kept telling me off for taking my pint onto the dancefloor. They took it away, and I never got it back.

“When I went to get a new one, I had the correct change in my hand ready. I was taken aback when I was 5p out. But because it’s such a necessary service I just had to pay the extra cost and get on with it.”

Da Bonxie has learned that the campaign organisers hope to secure a meeting with the Scottish government’s Cabinet Secretary for Justice in the near future to discuss their plight.

Rumours of reliability issues of Da Wheel’s Tennent’s draught pump system, however, have proved to be unfounded.

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