Shetlander learns how Subway Sandwich ordering system works after 12th attempt

GLASGOW – Shetland’s education chiefs were celebrating after an islander successfully figured out the sandwich ordering system at a Subway.

It took just 12 attempts for Jack Couper, 19, to successfully order a Steak Melt from a Subway branch in Glasgow. This smashes the previous record held by Jean Smith, who was hailed last year for ordering after the 27th attempt.

A parade has been planned in Bigton, Jack’s hometown, when he returns from his trip to the mainland.

Jack said: “I’d been preparing for months to try to break Jean’s record. I studied the menus online and watched instructional YouTube videos. I even spoke to others from Shetland on Fisscloot who had tried and failed. The sweat was pouring down my brow when I entered the shop at Nelson Mandela Square but I made it. I’m delighted!”

Jack’s self-help book, Bread, Meat, Salad, Money will be released in time for Christmas 2015.

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