Confusion as Beervana puts Hom Bru in the shop window

133 COMMERCIAL STREET – Shetland’s music and retail scenes descended into chaos on Monday after craft beer shop Beervana inadvertently put members of legendary local folk band Hom Bru on sale.

Shop owner Stuart Fox admitted to being nonplussed when he opened up a succession of heavy cardboard boxes to see the grinning faces of the likes of Gary Peterson and Brian Nicholson peering back at him.

“I did instinctively wonder if there had been a mistake,” Foxy said. “But when I asked [Beervana colleague] Budgie what the craic wis, he just said ‘You asked for hom bru, I got you hom bru’. So I took them out, priced dem up and stuck dem in da window.

“I dinna keen how long they’ll byde there though. They’re proving a lot less popular as wir Belgian range – or da solitary red tin, which sells oot every day.”

The easygoing Peterson said it initially felt “a bit weird” to be on sale, but he was happy to go with the flow.

“And I’m been priced at 19 pence mare expensive as Brian, even though he has a fair grain mare hair as me, so dat’s been good for me ego,” he added.

Nicholson would only say: “Is du been awar’ o ony trowes da day?”

Asked if he was unhappy with the situation, Gary’s son Lewie Peterson said: “Nah, it’s likly da best pliss for him.”

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