HEARTWARMING: Island community rallies to support oil worker whose £80k salary was cut by 5%

SULLOM VOE – The residents of the Shetland Islands are famous for their collective action in rallying behind charities, and wouldn’t you know they’ve only gone and done it again.

When Brae oil worker Kenneth Thomson entered the oil industry in 2005, he never thought that he’d end up almost destitute, with practically no money. He figured he’d be secure for life.

“It always struck me as a really easy way to make lots of money forever”, Kenneth told Da Bonxie in an exclusive revealing interview this week.

But the unpredictably changes in global oil prices over the past 5 years have seen Kenneth’s paltry £80,000 grand salary SLASHED by 5%.

This caused the community to spring into action. Almost immediately, several JustGiving and IndieGoGo petitions were trending, and bake sales were being organised from Uyeasound to Dunrossness to help this poor man’s desperate situation.

In total, £150,000 was raised to help the poor Brae family, easily covering the lost £4,000 per year lost income for at least 37 years.

One local campaign organiser told Da Bonxie:

“Me haert bleeds fur Kenneth and his poorly family. A loch’o wis ir haed wir pay frozen ida past few year but givin a man a wage CUT is joost damnable.”

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  1. Oh my how can this man live with himself even with a 5% pay cut he is still considerably better off than loads of hard working people inShetland I am sure come on do the honourably thing and donate all the donations to help the really needy people of your island which I am sure there are loads

  2. Goodness Sandra, that is generous of you. I see that you’ve donated your commata, full stops and the vast majority of your capital letters as well. Just what Kenneth will do with them is up to him but I’m sure that they will help him in some way.

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