Co-op gets rare customer visit after Tesco sells out of sprouts

Photo: Kenneth Shearer

ACROSS THE ROAD FAE DITT – A man from Scalloway is set to visit the Co-op supermarket in Lerwick for the first time in nearly a decade this week because Tesco looks set to run out of Brussel sprouts.

The Sea Road supermarket’s shelves are likely to go empty in the lead-up to Christmas as ferries look set to be affected by the windy weather.

John Peterson, from Scalloway, has expressed his anger at having to visit the Co-op later this week, despite shopping there all the time in the 2000s.

The carpenter said he buys “everything” from Tesco – even air and the will to live.

A source said that Co-op staff are set to greet Peterson with a ‘welcome back’ banner when he arrives in the supermarket.

2 Comments on "Co-op gets rare customer visit after Tesco sells out of sprouts"

  1. We were at the Co-Op yesterday, not a sprout to be seen. Had to go to Tesco’s.

  2. da grummel guts | 18th February 2017 at 3:16 am | Reply

    It’s time we had a Waldis here tae sort them aw oot. Thon Prussian efficiency and prices they just aboot pay you tae gan in.Come up here and gee them a guide gluff(rather than ma guts which is no right fae last years brussels bought oot one of them).Am awa tae see ma lawyer a boot this, da dokter thinks av got brusselosis but when am oot a blame da squakie maws,noisy brits, it soons as if they have been hecking brussels as well.

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