Northmavine man’s plucky internet reaches new highs

HILLSWICK – One lucky Shetlander had a wild night of downloading 10MB PDF files and watching videos with minimal buffering on YouTube after his internet speed was doubled.

Peter Cope, a 35 year old plumber from Tangwick, set himself down for an evening of 4 or 5 web pages when he noticed that Facecloot was taking only 30 seconds to load, rather than the usual 4-5 minutes.

Peter is said to have used his new superfast broadband to download a manual for his new motorbike, watch a video on fixing a broken clutch and browse Da Bonxie’s extensive archive of local news.

We tried to contact Peter but apparently he has wanked himself into a coma, having finally been able to get access to some of the internet’s more naughty websites.

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