Carmichael released into the wild

HILLSWICK – Northern Isles MP Alistair Carmichael was officially released back into the wild today from the Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary.

Da Bonxie broke the news that Carmichael sought political asylum at the Sanctuary in August. Today’s news seems to indicate that he has managed to recover from whatever had troubled him and was health enough to release into the wild.

Carmichael said: “Arf! Arf! Arf!” before clapping his flippers together and dooking his head under the water.

A spokesperson for the Sanctuary issue the following statement to Da Bonxie:

“On 20th August we took in the embattled local MP and have helped him recuperate. We are pleased to announce that he has been declared ‘fit for work’ and we’ve been able to release him back into the wild.

“We wish him all the best for the future. Many of the animals we care for do recover, but are never to the strength that they once had. Time will tell if that bears true for Alistair.”

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