Carmichael moonlights in local kebab shop after legal costs loss

KIRKWALL – Orkney and Shetland MP Alistair Carmichael has been forced to take on another job in Orkney to help cover the costs of his legal bill.

Orcadians spotted a new employee working in Abra Kebabra late on Tuesday night which upon closer inspection turned out to be our Liberal Democrat MP.

Carmichael’s legal bill exceeds £150,000 and he hopes that by taking on a second job he will not only be able to pay off his bill, but also get a better feel for the ‘common man’ in Orkney.

Da Bonxie tried to get comment from the MP, asking if the Lib Dems were well and truly finished in the Isles after the latest revelation, but he simply answered ‘Can you ask me when my shift is finished?’

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