Tavish warns SNP will double ferry fares for non-Gaelic speakers

THE NORTHERN Isles contains more Liberal Democrat supporters than the rest of the country combined, it has been revealed.

Shetland and Orkney have collectively owned up to the rather embarrassing indicator following the publication of a completely unreliable online poll conducted by Da Bonxie.

It comes after Shetland MSP Tavish Scott whipped the crowd into a right frenzy at the Lib Dems’ Scottish conference on Friday.

Both members of the audience said afterwards that Tavish’s speech, which essentially amounted to a repetition of the words “SNP bad” in a haughty tone, had been a real call to arms.

Tavish is furious with the SNP over its latest plan, which he said could result in ferry users in the Northern Isles seeing their fares doubled unless they are fluent in Gaelic.

People in Shetland and Orkney responded by universally and unquestioningly accepting the Lib Dem MSP’s watertight interpretation of SNP policy.

3 Comments on "Tavish warns SNP will double ferry fares for non-Gaelic speakers"

  1. Saor Alba gu brath! Dat good enough?

  2. Glybies Rasmie | 10th March 2016 at 2:33 pm | Reply

    Dats fair enough as long as they teach the fery men Galic. Kis being forewarned by your good Bonxie Self. I dyud t Unst Yesterday un in my fluent Galic asked a Ferry man for a Walk on ticket to whuch he replied “Eh?” Dan I repeated same in Broad Whalsay to which he replied “Naa come again” It wis only when I bowed and aksed him politely in fluent Japanese dat he took me money un said “Namaste” thank god for dat!!

  3. TAVISH(thomas)Scott(a person from Ireland) will hae tae change his disgraceful gaelic name to something more anglo-saxon howaboot Toffish Snot. Tha gu dearbh.

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