Dismay as cuts end vital drug and alcohol service

In a community with sky-high rates of alcohol and drug abuse, our society cannot find the means to fund a service purpose-built to treat alcoholics and drug addicts, it has emerged.

The Community Alcohol and Drugs Support Service (CADSS), which has supported people dealing with drink and drugs problems for 25 years, shut up shop this week because one of the wealthiest communities in one of the wealthiest countries in the world can’t find the money to keep it running.

Service users will be able to get help through NHS Shetland instead, but the news was greeted with major disappointment from many with knowledge of the sector.

Da Bonxie swooped down on Commercial Street to gather local responses to the news, but nobody would believe him.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” one woman scoffed, while one young man stroked Da Bonxie’s feathers and said “nice April Fool.”

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