Whalsay Leave voter unusually quiet this week

HUXTER – A man who voted Leave in the EU referendum one week had has been unusually quiet this week.

Anti-EU fisherman Robbie Shearer, who had been very animated in the build up to the referendum and the morning of the Leave victory, has only liked a family photo on Facebook and shared a Minion meme since Monday.

It’s unclear if Mr Shearer has refrained from gloating after the pound fell and continues to struggle, the FTSE 100 and 250 took an initial nosedive, EasyJet made moves to leave the UK, London’s financial firms started planning to move to Frankfurt, the UK’s credit rating was downgraded, the UK’s growth was downgraded, the Bank of England warned of tough times ahead, the Leave campaign reversed almost all their key promises, the UK fishing industry was told to not expect any improvement in quotas, Scotland started making noises about independence, Northern Ireland started making noises about unification, racist attacks rose by almost 60%, suppliers started increasing costs to British businesses, car manufacturing made moves to leave the UK,  the Tory campaign will be fought with the most hated education secretary in recent memory and Hitler with tits, and many other negative outcomes of the Brexit vote.

We reached to Robbie to get his take on all of this, but he set up an Australian-style points system on his phone line and apparently we’re not Whalsanian enough to speak to him.

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