Skerries Call on Weather Gods to avoid Tavish Scott

HOUSAY – Strange goings on in the Skerries today as highly unusual weather for the area descended just as everyone had gathered for the bi-annual meet and greet with Tavish Scott, MSP for Shetland.

The event features all residents meeting the MSP and shaking his hand whilst an (often) underpaid member of staff takes hundreds of photographs in the hope that one will look reasonable enough to go onto an election leaflet or other suitable kindling-type propaganda.

Today however Mr Scott was unable to even begin his journey to the islands and he announced on Facebook the very sad news.

Thousands of residents immediately began weeping and gnashing their teeth at the dreadful news and some are currently being treated for shock in the Gilbert Bain Hospital.

So far the phenomenon has gone unexplained, but it is believed that a number of residents summoned the weather gods in order to ensure Tavish was unable to visit. It is unclear why anyone in the Skerries would not want to see the beloved MSP but the news will surely break soon as Mr Scott has demanded an inquiry into today’s events.

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