Loganair introduce self-piloted planes to reduce costs

SUMBURGH – Following months of complaints, Loganair CEO Stewart Adams today announced that among many innovations to improve the reliability and services to the Scottish Islands, a brand new fleet had been purchased which would allow passengers to travel in “the ultimate comfort”.

The fleet, costing $15,250 per plane was out for test runs this morning at Sumburgh where Da Bonxie snapped the above exclusive picture.

A Loganair plane in mint condition

A Loganair plane in mint condition

Mr Adams continued “These planes are called ‘self-piloting’, we felt that it was time to give some control to the many passengers who entrust the loss of their luggage and many hours in airports to us. The investment has allowed us to bring our costs down significantly and passengers can expect a reduction in their average fares by at least 50p”

Paul Stewartson seen in the right of the above picture said “what a pleasant experience, I was able to board on time and take off on time although the in flight refreshments have been scaled back to a single bite of a Tunnocks wafer and a sip of coffee or tea, it was much better value for money than in recent months”

Loganair have faced many complaints about the condition of their planes, but Da Bonxie is sure that with these new jets, they can probably expect a reduction of at least 1 per month.

On leaving Sumburgh, Da Bonxie also snapped the following picture of the now retired Loganair standard fleet looking its usual radiant-self.

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