Christmas cancelled in Shetland after Santa’s loganair flight “goes technical”

ABERDEEN AIRPORT – Thousands of Shetland children were left in tears after Loganair officially cancelled Christmas in Shetland.

The tragic news comes after BE6770 was first delayed and later cancelled due to a “technical problem”. Santa had been scheduled to land at Sumburgh at 11:05 to begin his traditional delivery round but will now instead be put up in the Marriott until suitable re-arrangements can be made.

A spokesperson for Lapland Industries said: “Hopefully this is the straw that breaks the camel’s back with Shetlanders and Loganair. Every year we have this same issue. To add to that it’s becoming unaffordable. Santa doesn’t have unlimited budget now-a-days.”

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  1. I heard he eventually got towed north we two Bristow Helecopters on Water Skis we his sledge as Rudolf had hed hallucinations and telt d rest a pack de could hae dis year aff efter bein doped by some guy we a skunk dat had been tryin t smuggle some contraban North in his Feed Bag.

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