Transport minister the only person in Scotland impressed as Loganair paints planes purple

Loganair has managed to persuade Scottish transport minister Derek Mackay that its woes are over – by painting its planes purple.

The airline cleverly dressed up a routine three-yearly maintenance check for its creaking aircraft and long overdue replacement of seats which were falling to pieces as a “renewal project”.

Its franchise partner Flybe’s new purple livery, coincidentally decking the planes in the same colour used by UKIP, was enough to put a grin on SNP minister Mackay’s face – and make longstanding concerns over technical faults and engineering troubles instantaneously vanish.

Loganair management themselves were surprised at how easy a ride they’d been given by Mackay.

“He just sorta stood there pointing and babbling ‘purple planes, that’s absolutely wizard’ over and over again,” one senior airline source said.

Asked whether there was a danger he’d been a little bit gullible, Mackay responded: “Nicola just told me to stand there grinning and everything will be okay once the Tories finish garrotting each other to death over Europe.

“Have you seen the planes though? They’re purple. Brilliant. Total masterstroke.”

2 Comments on "Transport minister the only person in Scotland impressed as Loganair paints planes purple"

  1. Donald Morrison | 8th March 2016 at 7:27 am | Reply

    # I really had no idea that paint could improve the reliability of aircraft . . wow, modern technology !!

  2. Glybies Rasmie | 10th March 2016 at 2:43 pm | Reply

    Yes Donald as u remember from secondary 2 in science they split the light spectrum we a prism un shew wis how red light is d slowest un blue un purple/violet is d fastest so it’ll mean when u see it comin towards u, u might hae a split second langer t move oota wye afore it crashes in t ur hoose!

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