Wife’s holiday forces Yell man to make treacherous Lerwick trip

TAGON STORES – A Yell woman’s trip to Glasgow has forced her husband to make the long, arduous journey to Shetland’s capital metropolis, Lerwick City.

Magnie Gray, who last left Yell in in 1982, had no choice but to make the terrifying crusade after his wife Fiona headed to Glasgow for a Dixie Chicks concert.

Not only did Magnie have to coordinate the complexities of reserving a car on the Yell ferry, he also had to prepare for dealing with “toonies who get all the new housing developments and schools”.

Da Bonxie caught up with Magnie, who by day three had impressively reached Tagon Stores in Voe. Magnie told us that the trip was more than he had bargained for:

“Look”, he said, “I can manage da trip tae Fetlar every noo and den, but dis wis something else.

“Fiona said I haed to go tae ‘Tesco’ tae buy some totties. Ony idea whit ti hell dis is? And why d hell is naebody on da mainland worried aboot da Cold Waar?

“Folk are gaffin’ it me.”, he sulked.

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  1. I wonder if he knows the HMS Hood has been sunk.

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