Trigger the Airport Cat just trying to escape Shetland

SUMBURGH AIRPORT – A local feline has become a minor celebrity on social media, after being snapped visiting Sumburgh Airport frequently.

Trigger, who makes the daring dash across the runway from Toab to the airport, has been seen regularly hanging out inside the airport and has been snapped and twitter twatted and faceclooted by a hoards of travellers.

But all the photos and selfies are merely a distraction for the big ol’ kitter, who admits that he’s just trying to escape Shetland. On his airport visits, he mewsed:

“Every day I leave Toab and think ‘today’s the day I finally get off this god damned island’, but each and every day I get sucked in to countless belly rubs and dry bacon scraps from travellers.

“To make matters worse, airport workers drive me back to Toab when the airport closes, meaning I have to start the whole journey every single morning.

“You think airport travel is difficult? You gotta be kitten me. It’s impossible when you can’t speak human.”

Fortunately, Bonxie took a Cat Language Course a number of years ago and was able to conduct this interview.

Please folks, just help him get out of here!

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