Up Helly-Aa defends ID policy after women refused entry

ST SUNNIVA STREET – The Up Helly-Aa Committee has today come under fire after a local woman was not permitted to enter the event, despite having identification.

Sarah Eunson, a 26 year old who lives near the Lodberries, revealed that she was judged to be too female to enter the festival. Sarah had decided to go out on Up Helly-Aa – a rare night out with her fiance. But their romantic evening of burning love were scuppered by a member of the Jarl Squad demanded to see Sarah’s ID, which proved that she was a woman.

A spokesperson for the Committee was bullish when contacted by reporters from this newsgram, saying: “We will continue to operate our ‘Challenge Women’ policy as it is the responsible thing to do. You’ll see. One day we will let women into the Lerwick Up Helly-Aa, next day they’ll be voting. It’ll be a complete nightmare.”

Sarah has reportedly had offers to join any of the 12 other UHA events that do-permit-women-and-somehow-don’t-lead-to-the-end-of-the-world.

3 Comments on "Up Helly-Aa defends ID policy after women refused entry"

  1. But Sarah complained but who is that got in without I.D. The steward replied that’s our local M.S.P. that’s how he always looks. Sarah replied so I have dress like a man to get in next year then eh!

    • No, no, no, ‘eolas ur’.You’ve gotten completely the wrong idea.
      Of course she doesn’t need to dress as a man, that would be crazy, and inappropriate.
      All she needs to do, is dress as a man, who is dressed as a woman.

  2. Nah nah you don’t need tae gan as far as that. Just appear as normal and if onybody asks awkard questions I will say that’s oor m.s.p American Express that’ il do nicely.

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